Woman blasts Maud Chifamba and wakes up anger of Zimababweans


A U.K based old lady by the mame Kerina Mujati angered Zimababweans yesterday on facebook by blasting Maud Chifamba”s works of building blocks at the less priveledged school of Hurudza.The post came as a shock as the Zanu pf G40 mouthpiece blasted the works of Maud Chifamba describing her as an over ambitious young lady being used by some people.

Maud Chifamba started the online campaign and fundraising of raising the money through a website known as www.tswanda.co.zw. The devastating message passed towards the young girl shocked the nation as to why one old lady would hate over a young lady. Not only the fact that Chifamba graduated as the youngest person ever in Zimbabwe gave her trust and support of Zimbabweans but also her personal attributes.

Kerina Mujati known as Cde Sistermwenewazvo on facebook is also known for dishing out offensive words to Zimbabwe army generals and the people she regards as the team lacoste.She is also one person who is known to defend corrupt activities done by Proffesor Moyo and Kasukuwere.She was also former ally to former vice president Mujuru and changed her name on facebook when things got twisted.

Zimbabweans responded with anger to her posts describing her as a person of no integrity but just and old lady who had nothing to do but to show hatred towards an outspoken young graduate Chifamba who is living her dreams