Win for Mujuru over Mugabe on Bond Notes


Former Vice President Joyce Mujuru has won a first against President Robert Mugabe after managing to wrestle a constitutional court date to challenge Mugabe over the introduction of Bond Notes in the country.

Mujuru will meet Mugabe at the constitutional court on the 28th of February to challenge the Bond Notes which have been resisted by the entire Zimbabwean population.
In a desperate measure to address cash shortages in the country, Mugabe is trying to force the introduction of the paper money which will be used on a one to one with the United States Dollar.

Zimbabweans fearing the inflation of 2008 which saw government introducing valueless Bearer Cheques in place of normal cash are heavily against the introduction of the paper money.

The Constitutional Court is expecting to receive the heads of arguments of the two parties on the 26th of September where it will emerge how Mujuru is challenging the bond notes.

Source : Bulawayo24