VP Emmeson Mnangagwa caught up in Prophet fiasco


VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa could have been left exposed, as Malawian preacher, Shepherd Bushiri has distanced himself from a breakfast meeting, where the senior Zanu PF member was billed as the guest of honour.

According to posters distributed early this week, Bushiri was due to headline a “black billionaire breakfast meeting” tomorrow, but the popular Malawian preacher has distanced himself from the event.

“ECG (Enlightened Christian Gathering) Church would like to categorically state that we have no business meeting scheduled for Harare,” a message posted on Bushiri’s official Facebook page read.

“It has come to our attention that some malcontents bent on tarnishing the image of ECG, as a church and Prophet Shepard (sic) Bushiri, have been circulating a flyer on social media platforms stating that he will be holding a business meeting in Zimbabwe.”

vice-president-emmerson-mnangagwaThe church said the adverts were fake and should be disregarded, since they were not on the ECG website or television channel.

“It has also been brought to our attention that these rogue elements behind these fraudulent adverts have used the name of the Zimbabwean Vice-President ED Mnangagwa,” the statement continues.

“Please, be in the know, had such a meeting been planned, our office would have followed through protocol to inform him (Mnangagwa).

“As stated above, ECG has nothing to do with this false advert being run by some media outlets in Zimbabwe.”
The church said it hoped Zimbabwean with this false advert being run by some media outlets in Zimbabwe.”

The church said it hoped Zimbabwean authorities would bring those behind the fraud to book.

But those behind the event and the poster insisted that Bushiri had agreed to come for the business meeting.

Ntokozo John Msipha, whose contact number is listed on the poster, initially said everything was in place for Bushiri’s visit.

“We will be needing media coverage for the business meeting because it is definitely on, so I will be able to organise a media table for you and your colleagues,” he said.

However, he backtracked later in the day.

“Hi, we have had to cancel our event for another time, thank you,” he said in a message on instant messaging platform, WhatsApp .

According to the flyers, which were littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes, Mnangagwa was expected to be the guest of honour at the breakfast meeting, where a seat was going for $250.

Bushiri has found himself in the media limelight after he “prophesied” that State Security minister Kembo Mohadi would be promoted and he would wear a crown.

In a country where everything is connected to Zanu PF succession issues, no matter how tenuous, Bushiri’s words were seen as confirmation that Mohadi could soon get a senior position in the party and government.

A faction linked to Mnangagwa is said to be tapping Mohadi for the Vice-Presidency in the event their man lands the Presidency.

Bushiri’s reported coming to Zimbabwe soon after a video of the “prophecy” was made public, and with Mnangagwa as the guest of honour, was taken as confirmation of the coronation ceremony he had preached about.Mnangagwa strenuously denies leading a Zanu PF faction.Meanwhile, Mohadi has drawn scorn for his visit to Bushiri.

Retired Anglican bishop, Sebastian Bakare said he was saddened to learn that Mohadi, a respected member of the Lutheran Church and a lawyer, was putting his fate in the hands of a prophet.

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said they were not shocked to see Mohadi seeking divine intervention and being declared the next possible successor in Zanu PF because the entire party survived on superstition.

“We are in this mess because our leaders are busy chasing witches and believe that their personal failures are as a result of someone picking sand where they are walking, not their incompetence. They have to find some spiritual reasons why they have failed themselves and this country,” he said.

Source : Masasi eHarare