Vehicle imports rise


Vehicle imports through Beitbridge Border Post increased marginally from 24 512 in 2015 to 24 573 last year despite stringent conditions set by Government, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority said on Friday.

The vehicles came mainly from Japan and South Africa and were second-hand. Others bring their vehicles through less busy ports of entry like Victoria Falls, Chirundu and Plumtree.
Vehicle imports through Beitbridge Border Post are processed at Manica and Malindi transit sheds.

They handle 70 cars a day. It is understood that a passenger vehicle attracts around $2 500 in import duty. Zimra’s board secretary and Director for Legal and Corporate Services Florence Jambwa said the figures comprised vehicles mainly from Japan and South Africa, and those imported under the immigrant rebate facility.

She said it took them an average of three hours for one to clear their vehicles at the border post depending on the submission of adequate documents.

Source : Byo24