This pastor in Kenya has stormed a mortuary to resurrect his dead wife



Pastor Robinson Karumba of Eagle Wings Prophetic Ministries, arrived at
the Gakwegori Funeral Home with his members in the early hours of Wednesday, demanding the body of his wife released to him, Nairobi News reported.

The deceased, Ms. Polly Rosa Ngendo who died following an undisclosed illness on Sunday, was released to his husband, who then took her into a secluded room, laid her naked body on a table and applied anointing oil.

According to the pastor, who brought along clothes and shoes for his
wife, he was following the teachings of Jesus which, he claimed,
directed the believers would be raised from the dead after four days.

‘We believe she is not dead, but merely resting. She is a believer like
me and has preached in many places and with prominent preachers. I had
to do what I have always preached. Jesus was called to Lazarus home
after he had died for four days.’ he said.