South African Collapsed Mine Zimbabweans Trapped


An unknown number of Zimbabwean illegal miners are part of scores of people trapped underground George Harrison Park, a disused gold mine in Langlaagte, Johannesburg.

The mine collapsed last week when the victims were illegally panning for gold. Police say an additional 16 people went down the mine in search of the victims but they were trapped inside as well.

Some Zimbabweans with relatives trapped inside the collapsed mine tried to forcibly enter the mine shaft but were discouraged by the police.

People, who were pulled out of the mine alive without any injuries, were immediately taken to the nearest police station for questioning.

According to police, the illegal miners who sustained injuries have been ferried to hospital where there are set to be monitored by the police.

Mines Minister Mosebenzi Zwane has appealed to relatives of the people who are trapped in the mine to be patient saying the South African government is doing all it can to rescue the trapped miners, whose numbers it has not yet been determined.

This latest incident comes with Zimbabweans still having fresh memories of over twenty Zimbabweans who died in a similar incident in another SA mine in 2014.

Source : Newsday