Soldier tries to bomb shopping centre over spilt beer


An off-duty soldier reportedly tried to blow up a shop after an attendant spilt his beer in Zimbabwe on Tuesday.

It’s understood that Admire Mangeya set up his explosives in the doorway of the shop where he’d been playing pool.

The spilt beer had been replaced, but that didn’t calm the furious soldier.

The state-run Chronicle says he placed explosives at the doorway of a shop in the Queenspark West suburb in Bulawayo.

He tried and failed to detonate them, and was soon arrested.

Explosives are rarely used in crimes in Zimbabwe, but what is terrifying is the potential these ones had.

It’s not clear where the soldier got his explosives, but members of the bomb squad told witnesses they would have flattened the entire shopping centre if they’d gone off.

Source : EWN