Small privates save child from ra_pist dad


A Makokoba man allegedly inserted his finger into his live-in girlfriend’s eight-year-old daughter’s privates after his ‘member’ failed to penetrate her. It is alleged the daughter did not tell her mother about the assault fearing reprisal but later confided the assault in her former class teacher the following day.

These sickening details of child abuse were heard before Bulawayo regional magistrate Joseph Mabeza when the stepfather appeared to answer to rape and aggravated indecent assault charges. He pleaded not guilty to both counts and the magistrate remanded him in custody to Thursday for judgment. In her testimony, the victim said he found her sleeping in bed and told her he wanted to rest. He joined her in bed, drew closer to her and she tried resisting but he persisted. “He took off my pants, removed his erect penis and tried in vain forcing it into my vagina but he failed to penetrate. He said kuyala ukungena (it cannot penetrate) and ended up fingering me,” she said.

The class teacher told the presiding magistrate that the girl approached her as they were leaving assembly to reveal what transpired at home. “We were just coming from the Monday assembly when she came running towards me and pulled me by my dress. She told me that her step dad raped her.

I asked her whether she had told her mother to which she said no. She said she feared her father would beat her since he gave her a strict order that she must not divulge the s_exual encounter to anyone,” said the teacher. In his defence, the stepfather sent the court into stitches saying if it were true that he inserted his hand in her privates, it means she must have a huge anatomy.

“Your worship this is a lie. If it’s true that I inserted my hand in her vagina it means my whole penis and balls would have entered. Her mother has a hand in all this. “Of late there is bad blood between the two of us. Whenever we fight she lifts the victim, uses her as a shield telling me that she will be the witness when I finally kill her. I suspect that she connived with the teacher concerned because they know each other,” he said.

Source : B Metro