ShutZimbabweDown on the day of issuing of bond notes


#Tajamuka / #Sesijikile pressure group is organising a mass demonstration to be conducted on the day of the issuing of the bond notes which are expected to start being used on November 30

#Tajamuka through a Facebook post said as the nation heads towards being bonded in financial poverty on 30 November 2016, almost most supermarkets in Harare and around the Country which include CHOPPIES are demanding cash for basics, majority of which are imports such as cooking oil.
“With the introduction of bond notes the economy will SNEEZE resulting in severe acute food & basics shortages. On 30 November we need to show that bond notes are rejected by coming out in our numbers to demonstrate against bondnotes and corruption tendency it carries along with. Let us #shutZimbabwedown before they shut it on us. It started and has to continue on a weekly basis. Every CSO and social movement should plan activities to RESIST this MADNESS,” reads the post.

“As we do this lets not forget to use our hard earned cash wisely by boycotting *GUSHUNGO DIARY PRODUCTS AND CHOPPIES. WE CANNOT FUND OPPRESSION*. Brace up as we enter the final season of #UNGOVERNABILITY”

Source : Bulawayo 24