Magaya’s Seke House Draws Tourists


Prophet Walter Magaya’s house where he toiled as a vendor is now a tourist attraction.

“I gave my testimony before the congregation that all the wonders they are experiencing started when I was in my mother’s cottage. My mother witnessed people receiving instant healing and that is why you see her as one of the big partners of the ministry.

“She ended up allowing me to pray for the sick while seated on a sofa in her dining room and all sick people who got the chance to sit on that sofa got healed and some being tormented by evil spirits would manifest. “Today all visitors following us on Yadah TV in various parts of the country demand to be taken to Seke whenever they come here. Every week visitors are driven to the house that our neighbours in Seke are thanking me for bringing foreigners to their doors since some of them leave goodies.

“Our evangelistic team has plans to conduct a three-day church crusade in Chitungwiza most likely this week to revive Chitungwiza folks and allowing PHD prayer partners to visit the house as well.

“Some visiting the house are collecting leaves, soil or anything by the house putting their faith in those things and they are testifying great things.