School Kids forced to Sing Grace Mugabe Song


Schools in Rusape Urban have in the National Association of Primary School Heads (Manicaland) organised a music competition (see the official music sheets below) for the song which was “composed” specifically for the President’s wife Grace MugabeThe “penned” song praises the First Lady in many ways as can be seen in the pictures below.

In between the week, we discovered that while it was not clear if Mrs Mugabe is directly behind the song, the person engineering the whole move is a music teacher who is a ZANU PF member. He might be doing this to get favours from Grace Mugabe

However, we discovered also found that the song’s originality is questionable since the entire concept and all the lyrics thereof are an exact reproduction of the Christian church song “Amazing Grace! How Sweet That Sound.”

Contacted for a comment Mr Chipadza’s telephone kept ringing without being answered.

Source ; Newsday