Political conflicts violence continues – we will not stop untill MUGABE steps down


Political violence is reportedly continuing to rear its ugly head among the Zimbabwean citizens.

Heal Zimbabwe recorded at total of 53 cases involving politically motivated conflicts and violence between July and August 2016.
“Three major conflicts recorded in this section involve threats of political intolerance, disruption of meetings and forced participation in political forums. While intra and inter party violence are also forms of political conflict, they have been recorded under the section revealing threats of violence and intimidation,” the trust said.

Politically motivated violence emerging from demonstrations were recorded earlier in the section covering demonstrations, public violence and police brutality.”

The trust said between July and August 2016, it received 29 cases of threats of political intolerance, 9 cases of disruption of meetings and rallies and 15 cases of forced participation in political processes.

“Political conflicts make communities live in fear and vigilant leading to fragile societies. It is therefore vital for the communities and state institutions to collaboratively engage and dialogue to prevent further political conflicts and violence, lest the gains of the Government of National Unity and the post GNU stability returns to haunt communities as is currently reflected,” said the trust.

Source ; Masasi eHarare