Police officer pleads for mercy


A police officer who was hauled to the civil court for child and spousal neglect pleaded with the court to have mercy on him as he is getting a very low salary.

Dankia Kalonga was sued by his wife Talent Kalonga who claimed US$450 for their two children as well as her own upkeep.

Dankia pleaded with the court to pay US$40 for the three arguing that he was repaying a loan and paying another maintenance order.

“Your worship, currently I am getting US$142 as my net salary. I acquired a loan to pay for lawyers when I was arrested. I am also paying US$100 as maintenance for another child.
“I am offering US$40 because if I offer anything more than that I will be left with nothing. I am pleading with the court to make things easier for me because I am in a tight situation,” said Dankia.

Talent was surprised at Dankia’s claims as she thought he was getting a salary of US$550.

“I am surprised at what he is saying and if that is the case I can accept the USD$40 because he does not have the money.

“I wanted money for our two children and for myself because he has not been taking care of us,” said Talent.

Presiding magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa was however, not lenient with Dankia whom she ordered to pay US$100 as maintenance for his two children and the wife.

Source : Byo24