Mugabe warn Zambians


President Robert Mugabe has warned Zambian president Edgar Lungu to be wary of organisations that are bent on taking power by violent means.

Mugabe was giving an address representing Southern African Development Community leaders at the inauguration of Lungu in Lusaka today.

He said, “We say the message, the revolutionary message of freedom, of independence without outside interference should be the message everywhere in Africa now but that message of freedom and independence can only be enhanced if we maintain democracy in our states and democratic states are peaceful states.
“Democratic states do not entertain nor can they be expected to tolerate organisations which are violent, organisations which want to use violent means to get to power, NO and I am glad that in Zambia all has been peaceful,92 year old” said Mugabe in his unscripted speech.

Mugabe is facing countless demonstrations back home from various organisations and political parties.

Riot police have used force to squash the protests aimed at to92-year-old.

Source ; Bulawayo24