Man pours ACID on Woman’s FACE after she CHEATED WITH BLESSER


A Soweto man is being charged with attempted murder after emptying a tin of highly corrosive acid on his girlfriend’s face.
The acid in question is believed to be Sulphuric Acid, also known as battery acid.

The accused, Thulani Mahemane is believed to have acted maliciously after getting wind that his girl (Sikhanyisiwe Zondo) was cheating on him with a rich blesser.
“I did this in a moment of anger, I wasn’t thinking straight” Vuyo is believed to have said shortly before his arrest.

This incident occurred after the accused went to confront his girlfriend after hearing from ‘several sources in the hood’ that she was unfaithful to him.

Sikhanyisiwe is believed to have been in an affair with an unnamed blesser. A fight broke out between the couple and Vuyo poured acid on her face in the aftermath.
“No man will ever look at you” he was allegedly heard taunting his screaming girlfriend after the deed. It was the screams which bought the neighbour’s attention.

Sikhanyisiwe is currently in intensive care undergoing treatment for severe acid burns on her face.
She hasn’t said much about the incident and much prefers to be left alone to deal with the trauma.

Although a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm was filed it has been replaced with that attempted murder.
“After the Pistorius case we’re harsh with violent crimes against women. Being lenient with the perpetrators results in much bigger problems” advocate Lindani Moloyi of the national prosecuting authority spoke on record.

Meanwhile we will continue to follow the case as well as Sikhanyisiwe’s progress.

Source: ZGossip