Magaya wades into bond notes


PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader, Prophet Walter Magaya has thrown his weight behind the introduction of bond notes, saying Zimbabweans should move away from the culture of skepticism.The PHD leader pointed out that experts have seen it prudent to introduce the new monetary instrument and therefore the nation should trust them. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe will soon roll-out US$75 million worth of bond notes as an export incentive under a US$200 million facility guaranteed by the African Export-Import Bank.

In response to a question from The Sunday Mail early yesterday morning at the Night of Turnaround 5, Prophet Magaya said there is hope for economic revival with the introduction of the notes.

“They (authorities) have seen it right to introduce bond notes, they have analysed it and they are learned enough. After all the arguments, they have seen that the bond notes will save us from the hardships that we are currently facing,” Prophet Magaya said.

He said there is hope for Zimbabwe.

“We must focus on proper agriculture, mining and value addition. Zimbabwe has the best probability to prosper economically in the world than any other country. “We have good soil, human capital, the best climatic conditions, among many other favourable conditions to prosper economically,” he said.

Addressing journalists at the same event, Prophet Magaya spoke about his calling.

“I am not the best prophet in Zimbabwe, I think God has given me an opportunity, but it really doesn’t describe me as the greatest prophet,” he said.

PHD Night of Turnaround 5 was attended by thousands of congregants. Foreign guests came in from United Kingdom, United States of America, Portugal, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Cuba and Swaziland, among many other countries.

South African gospel music icons Winne Mashaba and Keke Phookolo provided entertainment during the all night prayer meeting.

Source : Sunday