Magaya speaks out on ‘anointed’ cucumbers that he reportedly sold for $5 each


Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Walter Magaya yesterday dismissed reports circulating on social media that he sold cucumbers to his followers. Prophet Magaya, who is a farmer said that he gave the cucumbers to followers for free. Social media was awash with claims that Prophet Magaya sold the ‘anointed cucumbers’ for $5 each to church members.

Some even claimed Prophet Magaya had gotten the cucumbers from Mbare Musika at a bargain and then made a killing at his church service. However, all this is not true. In an exclusive interview prophet Magaya said he saw it fit to give his ministry some of his farm produce, including the cucumbers that have since grabbed attention of social media.

“When I look at my ministry workers, I see them as fertile soil where I can reap best yields if and when I plant them. This is exactly what happened,” said the prophet.

He added: “I gave them cucumbers and cabbages for free. I want to be a successful farmer so giving is what I learnt from Holy Scriptures and feel more blessed when I give my ministry. The cucumbers are sold at the farm for less than a dollar if you visit there, and they were just cucumbers not anointed as alleged. I am a farmer and during this rain season I feel more blessed in working the land since God said it in his Holy Scriptures. I am sure those who are spreading such falsehoods do not know that I am a serious farmer and looking forward to be the best farmer in Zimbabwe”.


Apart from farming Prophet Magaya is expecting to complete a house under construction in Bulawayo for his prayer partners.

Source: Masasi Eharare