Khama hands-off Zimbabwe


Botswana President, Ian Khama, please put hands-off Zimbabwe by respecting our internal affairs. You are not qualified to urge our constitutionally elected President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, to leave office when his people overwhelmingly voted him into power on July 31. 2013.

Even the opposition presidential aspirants accepted his landslide victory in a free and fair poll. No challenge to his current election was ever raised. This is an indisputable indication that President Mugabe is the choice for his people till this day.

Khama you are advised that you should solve your personal issues against President by other means. Is it because President Mugabe is an anti-gay proponent which is a principle that you cherish as your founding life value?

Khama’s call urging President Mugabe to relinquish power due to old age comes hard on the heels of a recent violent reaction by his government to deport a US pastor, Steven Anderson, after he said on a local radio that homosexuals should be “stoned to death”. In an interview with Reuters, President Ian Khama, confirmed that he had personally ordered his arrest.
Instead of dealing with the crisis raised by the pastor, he turned his anger to President Mugabe who shares the same view with Pastor Anderson to vent off his unbridled anger.

Khama needs more lectures on upholding democratic values in contemporary societies. Periodic polls are a cornerstone of democracy when citizens are given the opportunity to choose their leaders for a specified period of time. President Mugabe is a product of this process.

It is quite amazing that Khama does not honour freedom of expression which is a natural right for all people across the globe. Pastor Anderson should be respected for sounding his personal views. Tolerance is a founding tenet of democracy Mr Khama.

Khama is propelled by the zeal to conciliate his Uncles of Britain whom I believe he wanted to please by incriminating Anderson for uttering anti-gay sentiments.

Source ; Bulawayo24