Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement (MTM) failed to light up the OK Grand Challenge party.


Worst affected was Nutty O who froze on stage. This was his first appearance on a big stage with over 10 000 people watching.

It was clear his music was not known by the masses and they, instead of trying to get to know his music, booed him off the stage. Though he tried to introduce himself to  them with a performance of MTM artistes hit track — Chekeche, the crowd would not cooperate and instead started throwing cans and bottles at him. Nutty O was left with no option but to leave the stage.
Though EX Q, another MTM artiste put up a fair show, covering up for Nutty O, the damage had been done already leaving other MTM artistes in a panic mode.
Tahle, an up-and-coming MTM jazz artiste who was also billed to perform could not take to the stage alone and patiently waited for her boss, Jah Prayzah who would then shield her by introducing her to the public by performing with her.
It worked well for her as the crowd tolerated her performance though her voice was not audible probably due to the fact that she was not confident.
Jah Prayzah cheered her on and after singing for less than three minutes, she left the stage in a huff showing signs of fear.
Many felt Jah Prayzah let down his stablemates by putting them into the deep end. They suggested that since most of the artistes were barely known, he needed to go on stage with them and firstly perform Chekeche with them before personally introducing them, one by one to the crowd like he did for Tahle.
Jah Prayzah could not do so as he had other commitments and only got to the venue at about 9PM in time for his performance.  He was the closing act and his performance was also compromised as it was cut short after event organisers communicated that the venue had to be closed at 10PM.

A performance of Chekeche that most were anticipating considering it was an MTM affair never happened leaving some disgruntled.

Source: Online