In defence of Ginimbi’s White Party


Genius Kadungure’s all white party in South Africa was not trashy but a classy, glitzy affair.
“Out of 200 women only 5 or 10 were not properly dressed zvatowodza nyimo dura rese here come on, the party was super. Taurai ka zvevanga vakachena avo 190 out of 200 ivavo the few zvatonzi hapana nezve party, party anga ari marara, you always talk abt the bad ko the good yacho taurai ka tinzwe.
We dont want to brag about the party itself l was invited just like everyone else and the venue was well decorated world class , djs platinum playing the good vibes, beers handichataura half of the 300 invited guests each was holding on to his favourite bottle Moet, Hennesy Greygouse trucks of beers loaded with the top of the range beverages, food ndanyarara, everything was on point only the lady who was putting her favourite dress spoiled it all and now its talk of the town.

We all know that but thats wat she chose and we cant do anything to her party yakatofamba bho noone minded her and its not the first tym kuma white party ikoko kupfeka kudaro every year vanototsvaka madresses anokonzeresa iwayo,” said BodySlam boss, Simba Chakare



Source ; mafaro