Horror ARVs pills – Old man given ARVs without being given his test result or counselling


MADALA Jerry Masibi (66) went to the clinic to get peace of mind.

But he says uncaring nurses left him living in hell!

Jerry, from Emdeni, Soweto was given ARVs without being given his test result or counselling, as is normally done.

“I go to the clinic twice or three times a year to get tested. My results always came back negative. The only medicine I received over the years was vitamins B and C,” said Jerry.

The madala went to the clinic in July to get tested for HIV. The nurse told him to come back in three days to fetch his results.

“When I got there the nurse gave me ARVs. I asked her what they were and she told me just to take the pills. When I asked for my results I didn’t get a response. I went home and started drinking the pills.”

“How would I get HIV at this age? I am only intimate with my wife and I’m faithful to her.”
Then Jerry started noticing changes to his body that were unpleasant. Sores that started under his armpits soon covered his whole body, but he continued to take the pills.

“I can no longer sleep at night and I live in constant pain. I get hot flushes and sometimes struggle to breathe.

“When I go to the clinic they tell me that I must continue taking the pills and that my body will get used to them.”

The madala is struggling to walk and he blames it on the pills. His skin has also peeled off but nurses just gave him some ointment.

Paulina Seiso, the operational manager at Green Village Clinic, said: “Jerry is a chronic patient. I will investigate his complaint and visit him at home.”

Source ; Mzansi Online