Ho0kers’ new bag of tricks


JUST like the age old adage — “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” — some dauntless pro_stitutes around the country have now introduced new and rather deviant tactics to make ends meet.

Given their age old trade, being perceived as immoral, pro_stitutes have somewhat given it a new meaning, if their tricks are anything to go by. With the tough economy, some would perceive that the age old profession too is suffering setbacks, with the question “Is the pro_stitutes’ business arising?”

Many different views have come up as a result of this question, with many people arguing that pro_stitution has stood the test of time and that it is one non-conventional industry that hardly suffers from economic woes and it rather strives.

“This is one industry that will never die, have you seen the number of pro_stitutes on the streets? Maybe they make their services cheap to thrive but it is one profession that will forever be,” said a mechanic who operates downtown, near 2nd Avenue and Fort Street.

Some pro_stitutes, if not a great number of them, perhaps out of desperation now implore confrontational tactics to get unsuspecting men to give them money. These pro_stitutes or rather se_x workers have become so deviant to the extent of harassing and robbing men going about their business, be it during the day or night.
Pro_stitution used to be known as an industry that thrived at night but now workers are so daring that they come out during the day. There are several reports that have been published about pro_stitutes openly admitting to be se_x workers and even daring to take men to the courts for failing to pay for services “rendered”, and it happens more often in Harare.

Their pictures are splashed on pages of newspapers, as they with pride and sometimes shame talk about their trade. Not so long ago there was a ruling passed by the constitutional court outlawing the arrest of women found loitering for the purposes of pro_stitution.

The ruling seemed to have opened a Pandora’s Box, as pro_stitutes are now daring enough to holler at and grab men who will be walking or driving by. Evidently the tables have turned as it appears that just showing thighs is no longer enough for one to get a hook up.

As society continues to rot, the world seemingly is no longer a safe place to raise children, actually it’s no longer just children but men as well as they have and are falling victim to these women’s indecency.

The women are stopping at nothing to make money from plainly harassing passersby to outright robbing them. Pro_stitutes have become so aggressive that men no longer feel safe walking or driving by hot spots, as these pro_stitutes are now daring enough to open and enter into one’s car to harangue them for a “dime”.

Some have even introduced tricks to humiliate men to the point that they blackmail them.

Se_x workers now pounce on men claiming that they owe money for services rendered, creating a scene and threatening to call journalists to get them exposed.