Gringo Is Coming Back:Mbudziyadhura


Mbudziyadhura has confirmed that the Gringo drama series will be back.  “We will be doing Gringo very soon. The script is ready and we are just looking for sponsors,” said Mbudziyadhura, whose comic and dull-witted character in the drama Gringo won the hearts of many.

“Enock [Chihombori] wrote the script and will soon come to Zimbabwe to take part in the drama where he will once again play the role of Tobbie Waters.”

Mbudziyadhura, real name, Blessing Chimhowa said the new Gringo series had retained most of its cast, including Boora and William Matenga, who plays the character Mudhara Gweshegweshe.

“We are still together and we communicate as a group. Mudhara Gweshegweshe also features in the new drama,” he said.

Chimhowa, who is employed by the Harare International
Festival of the Arts (Hifa), relishes the moments he featured alongside Boora,
Chihombori, the late Stembeni Makawa (Mai Gweshegweshe) in the popular
television series.

“What I liked most about the Gringo series was not about the main character Gringo, but the whole cast that included the late Collen Dube who played the role of John Banda, Makawa, Madhumbe [Memory Makuri], Mudhara Gweshegweshe, Tobbie, Bonderai and Chipo, among others who brought different dimension to the comedy,” he said.

The father of two, who is making a cameo role in the drama Muchaneta that is currently showing on ZTV, ranks Gringo Troublemaker as the best productions that he has featured in.

“In terms of my acting, I like NdiGringo Chete, but interms of quality and the best production, Gringo Troublemaker beats them all,” he said.