Food prices drop in Zimbabwe


Prices of goods dropped in Zimbabwe between September and October, the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has said.

However, the food basket decreased by a mere $1,56 from $572,78 in September to $571,02 in October.

CCZ said detergents dropped by 20 cents from $11,75 to $11,55, a 2kg packet of sugar fell to $1,85 from $1,91, tea leaves went down to $1,73 from $1,88.

The price of cooking oil stood at $1,39 for a 750ml bottle from $1,46, while rice prices declined to $1,65 for a 2kg packet from $1,79,
Bread also dropped from a average of 78 cents to 65 cents.

However, statistics released CCZ in July indicated that the cost of living went up by 0,09 % to $567,91 by the end July 2016.

That suggested that there had been a general increase in prices of food items that constitute the consumer basket.

The cost of living is determined by assessing an average low income urban earners’ monthly basket for a family of six.

Source : Bulawayo24