Evan Mawarire is a CONMAN


Nathaniel Manheru, believed to be President Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba has ridiculed flag pastor Evan Mawarire as a third-rate conman playing big.

He said :”Evan Mawarire, the presumptive pastor in our politics, should have seen it coming. He did not have to test his own reach, bearing in mind he was pitting himself against a whole Government, a whole party and a whole Robert Mugabe. The array was clearly formidable, and he should have known that, if only he had graduated beyond a combination of schoolboy politics and pseudo-broadcast anchor-showmanship he stupidly tries out on the social media. From the very outset, the scales were against him.

He sought to export demonstrators to the US, forgetting the US brims with Zimbabweans who can hardly be regarded as indifferent to the politics of their mother country. His own politics — if politics they are — had no appeal on this home multitude in the Diaspora who simply dismissed him as a nuisance at best, and as third-rate conman playing big at worst.

He is both. I mean, you charge Zimbabweans to witness your cheap showmanship, to watch your crocodile tears? Please!

Much worse, teaming up with one Manyika — a son of a long-time ambassador of President Mugabe — who is all he is because of President Mugabe’s patronage through his father, and you think the world takes you seriously. As it turned out, Manyika who hoped to overtake Mawarire’s imagined constituency here at home so as to launch himself politically could not even convince Zimbabwean pastors in the Diaspora who in turn avoided him like imbwa ine chikundu, a dog with fleas and rabbis.

Secondly, for Mawarire the act of mounting action in the US was, or should have been, premised on a desire to broaden the anti-Mugabe fight to assume global scope. You do not achieve this by “bussing” a handful of Zimbabweans to the United States, do you? In the first place, for a man who could not even discharge basic filial duties in his home, the question that immediately begged is where he got the means to achieve the “feat” of flying
agitators into the US.

And the answer is not hidden: curtsies of the US government through its embassy here! This does not need proof, never will. It only needs to be claimed by his opponents for it to be true.

If your cause has really gained global traction, you use nationals of the country which is the locale of your political action for all your political performatives. As did President Mugabe and his December 12 Movement.By abstracting himself from home ground, by playing on extra-territorial ground, Evan claimed for himself and asked us to judge him as a global actor. We did. We do, and hey, what a puny creature he cuts!

His rant against the December 12 Movement, principally his charge that “they were not even Zimbabweans”, was fatal. If Mawarire was reflective, he would have stopped to think he was posing a question of nationality and identity on American nationals while on American ground!

Or does he regard it as his home ground, in the process confirming President Mugabe’s postulate that he does not belong “here” — here meaning in Zimbabwe?Why would a self-reflexive actor raise the issue of nationality against African-African Americans acting on home ground, indeed validating Mugabe’s claim to global stature, something he himself could not demonstrate?

Today the burden falls on Mawarire, never on Mugabe, the supposed butt of the whole action.

He has to prove to his handlers that he can outstrip the miasmic longevity of man, message, means and medium of choice. Yelling vaporous causes from New York’s 2nd/57th Street has never been the way to change the world, except in the eyes of a home audience which does not know how the intergovernmental United Nations snubs lunatics while making them feel loved, loud and important. And as it turned out, Mawarire could not even hold that space, getting painfully dislodged by December 12.

Source : ZGossip