Donald Trump plan on Zimbabwe not known – USA ambassador


USA ambassador to Zimbabwe Harry Thomas, Jr has said he cannot predict US policy on Zimbabwe under forthcoming Donald Trump presidency.

“I think one question that you all had beforehand is if Trump or Clinton won, what would be the policy towards Zimbabwe.

“We cant predict the policy, I would not be so presumptuous to try and do that” he said on Wednesday.

However, Thomas said he hoped that “our policy, our principle in terms of human rights, support for free and fair elections in 2018 in Zimbabwe will continue”.
USA has always voiced concern on Zimbabwe’s electoral processes.

After 2013 elections, USA said President Robert Mugabe’s did not reflect the will of the people.

“But make no mistake. In light of substantial electoral irregularities reported by domestic and regional observers, the United States does not believe that the results announced today represent a credible expression of the will of the Zimbabwean people” it said in a statement.

Trump stunned the world including the Americans after being elected the first non-politically-connected 45th president elect in a crucial election outpolling favourite and former secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Source : Bulawayo24