Confusion Over Nera Demo


Police say any gathering and marching in and around Harare city is banned tomorrow.

The police said they effected the ban for security reasons and after the business community raised alarm over likely public disorder. Police have also dismissed reports that the NERA demonstration had been allowed through a High Court order.

Nera wants to protest Government’s decision to procure biometric voter registration kits without the involvement of the United Nations Development Programme.

According to the police, Nera members should gather at Robert Mugabe Square and only 10 people will be allowed to proceed to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) offices and handover their petition. After handing over the petition, the gathering must disperse immediately, police said.

But Charlton Hwende of the MDC said last night : “The demonstration against the government’s move to take over the BVR kits procurement process is going on as advised. We shall meet at Freedom Square tomorrow at 10 am without fail. We are aware that CIO and state agents are trying to spread rumours that the demonstration is cancelled. This is a lie. The police has not banned the demonstration.

This is an important demonstration for the people of Zimbabwe. It is a
demonstration of the people’s outrage against the government’s plans to
steal the 2018 elections. Please ignore the false message that the
demonstration is cancelled. The demonstration is on. We must unite on
this important task.